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Written & Illustrated by Jaenet Guggenheim

Look, Roger, It's Florence! took a long time to develop - one might say an entire lifetime. It is Jaenet's final book and it contains elements that she had been working on for many years. Roger is based on Jaenet's niece, Amelia, surrounded and coddled by her aunt and her mother. And then exposed to the magnificent world of Renaissance Art; full of brilliance, vision and endless potential for young artists.

Throughout her bookmaking career, Jaenet was fascinated by paper. She specialized in cut paper in her second published book, Grow Grow Grow. Her artist's tools were paper, glue, scissors, and imagination.

ISBN 978-1-929115-34-1 • 44 pp • 11" x 8.5" • Flexibound Book
All ages • Published in 2018

Written by Meghan Horsey
Illustrated by Valori Herzlich

Colton, at four years old, spends his days on the family farm trying to run his family ragged. Among his favorite hobbies are making construction sites from patches of dirt, playing in all things water, dragging horses and ponies around, and informing everyone of what they should be doing.
This book explores one particularly exciting day in the life of Colton and his loyal and trusty dog, Nevada, as they explore the farm, herd cattle, battle monsters, and test the limits of his Mom's patience!....

Boys and girls of all ages, on the farm or in the city, will relate to Colton's enthusiasm and zest for life and adventure. It makes a terrific bedtime reader or solo book for young readers.

ISBN 978-1-929115-36-5 • 30 pp • 8" x 10" • Flexibound Book
All ages • Published in 2017

Available directly from Azro Press!!
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Written and Illustrated by Jaenet Guggenheim

This is the second butterfly book by the author/illustrator of Herman and Poppy Go Singing in the Hills.
Butterflies are even more interesting. You can order them online. The caterpillars will arrive in a box. Once they hatch from the caterpillar stage, you will have a butterfly. What will you feed it? The answer in this case is maple syrup.
Now that the butterfly is fed, it might want to exercise its wings. After flying around the house for a few days, it might want to go outside.
That was a bit of a problem for this butterfly! She was afraid to go outside! However, her friend told her she would be right behind her and that gave the little butterfly enough courage to try. The world outside was truly wonderful.
The illustrations are decoupage, cut paper and glue. The text is suitable for reading to the very young, and they will want to read it to you.
The butterfly is beautifully drawn against many different backgrounds that reflect the moods of the butterfly as it explores is new surroundings.

ISBN 978-1-929115-33-4 • 40 pp • 8" x 9" • Flexibound Book
All ages • Published in 2017

Available locally in Santa Fe at:

Written and Illustrated by Jaenet Guggenheim

The Fussy Little Butterfly, the story of a sometimes petulant critter (aren't we all?) and its stalwart guardian who we never see except for her blue eyes, is a charming gentle mystery.
The solving of the mystery is an important tip for children on how to care for their own live butterflies, and perhaps all living creatures.

ISBN 978-1-929115-32-7 • 32 pp • 8" x 9" • Flexibound Book
All ages • Published in 2016

Available locally in Santa Fe at:

Story and Art by Valori Herzlich

Mickey and his Aunt find a special world of hot air balloons in startling shapes and vivid colors.

Their journey starts in the pre-dawn and explodes into joy and light and surprise.

Everyone will share their delight!

ISBN 978-1-929115-35-8 • 32 pp • 7" x 9" • Softcover Book
All ages • Published in 2016

Written By Midge Goldberg
Art By Valori Herzlich

A perfect book to read side by side with your grandchildren, after a day of being the best ever Grandpa!

Kids and Grandpas alike will delight in recognizing themselves while sharing these pictures and rhymes.

ISBN 978-1-929115-31-0 • 32 pp • 7" x 9" • Softcover Book
All ages • Published in 2015 •

Written, Illustrated and Sung By Sid Hausman

Sid's newest book, with CD. Colores de Albuquerque is a coloring book that follows the song... It includes cactuses, salsa music, spinning skirts and the rodeo that comes to town. Not to mention Native American culture and the sun soaked adobe of the Southwest.
Enjoy coloring his musical images!

ISBN 978-1-929115-29-7 • 20 pp • 8.5" x 11"
Softcover Coloring Book, CD included
All ages • Published in 2015

By The Students of May Center with Amy Miller

This is a story about the value of seeing things from a different point of view.

Emily and Asher are doing a project on owls for their class at school. As part of this project, they explore many different viewpoints in the community: their own, their parents, their teachers, and of course, the owls and the prairie dogs that they live with.
This book is the result of writing workshops conducted with parents and students at May Center for Learning. This project has culminated with an original play performance, an art show, and this book.
We hope this book reminds you of the importance of those who see things a little differently. As Asher says, "Because when we lose one unique voice in the world, all of us lose something. We lose one of the unique characters in a story we didn't even know we were part of. And if we lose too many of those, we might just forget what makes us unique too. We might just lose our story altogether."

ISBN 978-1-929115-28-0
50 pp • 8" x 10" • Softcover
All ages • Published in 2015

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By Nicole Blau

Come along with Oz the horse, Camilla the goose, Sophie the goat, and Toby the rabbit as they go on a little adventure and sing to the moon. The black and white drawings are for you to color as you wish!

ISBN 978-1-929115-30-3
12 pp • 8.5" x 11"
Softcover/Coloring Book
All ages • Published in 2015


By Jaenet N Guggenheim
Edited and assembled by Tim Nagy

Jaenet drew these cartoons in 1994. Her sense of humor comes directly to the viewer. As you flip through this collection of cartoons, you will find yourself, snickering, snorting, and perhaps even rolling on the floor. You may discern that her perception of horses is quite different from the "norm".
Horses, in Jaenet's world, converse with each other about typical interesting things, such as new shoes and where to go for the winter. These candid glimpses of how horses really view themselves (and us) are probably close to the truth and offer a sweet and hilarious glimpse into how Jaenet viewed the world.
If you want to learn more about Jaenet and her work, please go to her website:

ISBN 978-1-929115-27-3
38 pp • 7.75" x 6" • Softcover
All ages • Published in 2014


This book was created by all of
The Students of the May Center for Learning
and illustrated by them as well
This book expresses the hopes, thoughts, feelings, and ideas of 40 children from K-12. Their poems and their paintings are vivid, heartfelt, and expressive.

"The May Center for Learning is a nonprofit school and outreach center in Santa Fe, NM. We teach students who learn differently. The children at our school are smart, often extremely intelligent, but they struggle with tasks like reading, writing, math, organizing and planning, and paying attention in a typical classroom. Their brains process learning differently, and they need to be taught in a different way. We hope this book gives you a better understanding of these unique, beautiful human beings." - Amy Miller

AWARDS: New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards 2014
Finalist Children's Picture Book Book
Finalist Juvenile Book
Finalist Young Adult Book

The May Center for Learning
2019 Galisteo St
Santa Fe NM 87505
(505) 983-37407
Amy Miller
Karen Lindeen

The US Review of Books

Where I Come From
by the Students from The May Center For Learning
Azro Press

"I am the one who cares. I can do anything. I will make a difference. I am passion. I am creativity. I am colorful me."

For students at The May Center for Learning in Santa Fe, NM, life can be a challenge. While these individuals may struggle with traditional academic skills, within this creative compilation of art and words, readers can witness a positive affirmation of young people aspiring to the same hopes and dreams of a life fulfilled, as those who might process information in less problematic ways. This unique collective offers the emotional thought and creative talent of students in a 6 to 17 age spectrum, as they respond to the headings of "I come from...", "I am...", and "I will be...". Perhaps otherwise they might be translated as my past, my present, and my future.

Here we see background revelations disclose feelings of inadequacy, anger, and fear. There are references to family and talk about relocations from northern climates. Memories recall snow blizzards and hot chocolate. Some recollections tap into elements of nature and our planet. Responses to the present "I am..." statement often generate more descriptive adjectives touting strength, imperfection, humor, kindness, and friendship. Regardless of their life circumstances, it is important to instill in every child that the future holds infinite possibilities. These writings ultimately highlight new experiences, career opportunities, and adventures. Readers will sense the triumph from young voices that look to become a new generation of doctors, veterinarians, sports and military heroes. While many of the accompanying drawings seem extensions of a common handprint image, the final results are truly expressions of individuality. Colored markers bring vibrance to the images which include the likes of M.C. Escher-type drawings, abstractions, reflections of nature, intricate whimsical renderings, and word incorporations.

When fifteen year-old Deondria bravely weaves a three-fold timeframe into her writing, she talks about her ability to overcome a troubled past; learning to deal with trust issues, and learning to forgive. "My future is what I am going to make it. I will be safe. I will be the one to say no. I will be the happy one." If this honest and telling book is any indication, she undoubtedly will.

Reviewed by Carol Davala

ISBN 978-1-929115-26-6
48 pp • Softcover
All ages • Published in 2014
By children and for children and adults of all ages

Buy locally at:


Written and illustrated by Catherine Kirkwood

AWARDS: NM/AZ Book Awards 2014
Finalist Children's Picture Book Book
Finalist Juvenile Book
Finalist Pets/Animals

2014 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards: Non-fiction Animal/Pets Book BRONZE

This story is narrated by Rocky, a dog. He tells the tale of how his best friend Tula was lost and finally found due to his intuitive thinking.

One night, frightened by fireworks, Tula scrambled over the fence in their family's backyard and dashed away. Rocky and the family spent many days looking for her, putting up posters and asking all over the neighborhood, but Tula was nowhere to be found. The problem was that they had only recently moved from Santa Fe to Miami Beach and Tula did not know the geography.

When days of chasing down leads did not bring Tula home, Rocky had an idea. He suggested cutting up Tula's blanket and tying the pieces to bench legs and lamp posts so Tula could smell the trail home. IT WORKED. Tula came home to Rocky and a jubilant family.

"A lost animal companion is a heart-wrenching experience for anyone, but when told from the perspective of the dog's best four-legged friend, it strikes to the core. Catherine Kirkwood's story and illustrations in 'Looking for Tula' are a powerful combination that produces a magical tale of love, adventure, and perserverance." Ben Swan - Santa Fe writer and public information officer for the Santa Fe Animal Shelter.

"'Looking for Tula' is a wonderful story about a dog who goes missing for awhile and the all-too-familiar and heart-breaking search to find her. None of us who has ever loved our animals can fail to be moved by this beautiful book and its remarkable illustrations. I loved it!" Ali MacGraw - actress and member of Animal Protection of New Mexico.

ISBN 978-1-929115-23-5
40 pp • Hardcover
For children ages 4 to Forever • Published in 2013
By children and for children and adults of all ages

Buy locally at:


Written by Paige Grant
Illustrated by Lisa Williams

AWARDS: NM/AZ Book Awards 2014
Finalist Children's Picture Book Book
Finalist Juvenile Book
Finalist Pets/Animals

Winner of the 2013 Moonbeam Bronze Award for Pre-Teen Fiction - Mature IssuesBook Awards.

"Larger animals inhabit Kitten Caboodle where children learn about the joy of raising kittens along with the reality of shelters and the importance of spaying and neutering." - Moonbeam press release

This story shows graphically with rubber stamps of kittens and ink pads just how many kittens would be born to one cat should she have a lifetime of litters and talks about why it is necessary to "fix" your pets.

"A good story delights you and warms your heart. It's warm and fuzzy, like a cuddly little kitten. A great story delights you, warms your heart and teaches you something important. Kitten Caboodle does all those things and more. It's plenty warm and plenty fuzzy, and it's full of wise teaching. This is a book to take to bed with you, to read and then think about as you're falling asleep." — Joe Hayes, storyteller & author of books of Southwestern tales.

"This is a beautiful book that sends a much needed message about the animal crises in our community. This story gets to the heart of the soluton: educating future generations about our resposibility to our animal freinds. — Kelly Moore, New Hope Coordinator, Santa Fe Animal Shelter

The many drawings of kittens at play make you see life from the kitties point of view. What verve and joy they give to each page! Their expressive faces just make you want to hug them!

ISBN 978-1-929115-24-2
Hardcover · 40 pages
For children ages 4 to Forever
Published in 2013

Buy this book at Garcia Street Booksin Santa Fe or from the Santa Fe Animal Shelter, 100 Caja Del Rio Rd. Online, use (Barnes & Noble) or Bookstores can order from Baker & Taylor or order it from

Zia Award recognizes outstanding children's book author, Paige Grant. “Cute story, well told. The message is strong and important, and the illustrations are wonderful!” wrote one of the judges.

We encourage you to buy all titles from your local bookstore.
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Triassic Hall

1st Place Winner
2012 Benjamin Franklin Award
Teen: Nonfiction (13-18 years old)

Triassic Hall

ForeWord Review
Finalist Book of the Year Award

Triassic Hall

NMBA Southwest Book Design and Production Award
Finalist Children and Young Adults


2012 Winner NM-AZ Book Awards
Best New Mexico Book
Building the Triassic Exhibit from the Ground Up
by Jaenet Guggenheim & Dr Spencer G Lucas

TRIASSIC HALL: Building the Triassic Exhibit from the Ground Up
Co-authors: Jaenet Guggenheim
and Dr Spencer G Lucas
Photos by Jaenet Guggenheim

This book is unique among books on paleontology and geology. It is the first book ever written about building a museum exhibit from the ground up. The book shows how the fossils are combined in a way that brings the Triassic Period in New Mexico to life.
Jaenet Guggenheim, author and illustrator of children's books, wrote this book at the request of the interim director of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History, Spencer Lucas, PhD, who realized that she had a unique, non-linear perspective, and an open mind.
Armed with a camera, curiosity, and a sense of humor, Jaenet set about to record exactly how the geologists, paleontologists, artists, preparators, and fabricators mount an exhibit. From the selection of the hall to the fossils that inhabit it, every aspect is considered.
The author's style is conversational. It leads the reader gently by the hand through the unfamiliar landscapes of building an exhibit.

"This book conveys, in plain language, and from a personal viewpoint, the excitement of finding and digging fossils, the multidisciplinary effort required to put them on exhibit, the scientific knowledge that is gained along the way, and all of the hard work that goes into building a museum exhibit hall. It presents a broad overview of the subject interspersed with just the right amount of technical detail. Those who have known Jaenet Guggenheim and Dr. Spencer Lucas will immediately appreciate how her enthusiasm, energy, and personality have combined with his scientific prowess to create an interesting, informative, and good-natured book that is accessible to all ages and levels of scientific understanding."
Larry Rinehart, Prep Lab Manager
New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

ISBN 978-1-929115-21-1
130 pp
8.5" x 11"
Hardcover $25.00
For ages 8 to 15
Published in 2011

Online, use (Barnes & Noble) or Bookstores can order from Baker & Taylor. Click below to order



Written and Illustrated by Sid Hausman

One Bullfrog is an illustrated story and song for young and old alike. Starting with one bullfrog, we sing along with the western animals, delightfully drawn, as they all try to pile onto a log. How many will it take to break the log? Turn the pages to see. A glossary, sheet music, and an accompanying CD are all included. So open the page and sing along with Sid, your friends and family, or just solo, like One Bullfrog.

Sid won the New Mexico Music Industry Coalition award for Best Musical Production in the category of Music for Children for One Bullfrog.

ISBN 1-929115-05-9 · Hardcover
32 pages · 8 1/2 x 11 · $18.95
Ages 2 & older

Sheet music, glossary, & CD included
Published in 2001

Emus and Owlhoots
Written and illustrated by Sid Hausman

Finalist of the 2011 New Mexico Book Awards
Categories: Children's Picture Book, Young Readers, and Juvenile Book - grade school to junior high

The purpose of the New Mexico Book Awards is to honor great books from New Mexico and the Southwest.

Sid Hausman
Finalist of the 2008 New Mexico Book Awards

Category: Children's Picture Book

The purpose of the New Mexico Book Awards is to honor great books from New Mexico and the Southwest.

Written & illustrated by Sid Hausman

Cactus Critter Bash, written and illustrated by singing cowboy Sid Hausman, is a howl of a book. Desert creatures join the cactus folk in a toe-tapping bru-ha-ha beneath the starry sky. El Saguaro leads the jamming Desert Quintet, accompanied by a whole hooting, rattling, waltzing choir. A detailed glossary describes Southwest animals and plants. Sheet music allows anyone who can pick out a tune to play along. A swinging CD of Sid playing guitar and singing encourages some real down home foot stomping.

"I can't imagine a child who wouldn't be delighted by Cactus Critter Bash. It's funny; the illustrations are great; and best of all it teaches children about the insects, beasts, and plants which thrive in the West's high dry deserts. Troubadour Sid Hausman's music is frosting on this colorful cake." - Tony Hillerman

"For many years at Great Expectations Academy, we have had the pleasure of working with Sid Hausman as he awakens the Muse in our students. In Sid's Songwriting Workshops our children learn to find something that they are interested in writing about, compose a poem and then put the poem to music with Sid's help.. It has always been great fun to watch their pride of accomplishment as they perform their new songs. The students have followed Sid's publishing career with great interest. They were quite sure that he wrote his previous children's book, One Bullfrog, just for them, since it is one of their favorite songs in his repertoire. They are excited about the publication of Cactus Critter Bash, another of their favorites, because it is all about our beautiful desert home. The illustrations of our desert creatures and plants are at once technically accurate and fun of fun! It is probably impossible to read this book without grinning! Teachers and students alike are looking forward to having our own Publishing Celebration for this new book with our favorite author/illustrator and songwriter on his very next visit!"
- Beth Phillips, Director Great Expectations Academy Sahuarita, Arizona

"This book tells what happens in the desert during the wee hours. The story provides a peek into the Sonoran Desert telling where the Elf Owl do-si-doed with the Western Spadefoot Toad. Fanciful illustrations bring this desert to life with a Gila monster, kangaroo rat, and, well, you will have to find out. They party to music played by the organ pipe cacti. A glossary teaches kids about desert plants and animals. Sheet music and a CD are included so that kids can join the party."
- Soledad Santiago
The New Mexican · November 17, 2006

Cactus Critter Bash is Sid Hausman's newest book, following his ever popular ONE BULLFROG (see below).

ISBN 1-929115-15-6 · ISBN 13: 978-1-929115-15-0
Hardcover · 32 pages · 8 1/2 x 11
Ages 2 & older
Sheet music, glossary & CD included
Published in 2006

Written and illustrated by Sid Hausman
(One Bullfrog, Cactus Critter Bash)

Sid Hausman, author of One Bullfrog and Cactus Critter Bash, has written another book filled with the lore and the music of the Old West.
In a story featuring Handlebar Slim and his sidekick Washtub as cowboys, EMUS AND OWLHOOTS brings the "thrilling days of yesteryear" to life again - just like the old times when we listened to the radio. A CD is included feauring 6 songs sung by Sid and friends.

   "This wacky, whimsical tale revives the memory of excitement and high adventure pulsing from a big wooden box in the grand radio days of yore. The good guys chased the bad guys across the prairies of kids' imaginations, and of course the good guys always came out on top. But this yarn throws a wide loop and catches a contemporary critter. The rustlers of this radio saga are not after longhorn steers but long-legged birds from Down Under. And the action is all set against classic cowboy tunes.
   "Sid Hausman displays his deep knowledge and love of Western lore and music in a story bound to entertain and educate a generation of young'uns who tend to know more about disc drives than cattle drives." – Joe Hayes, storyteller and author of many books of his own

   "Sid Hausman is not only a great musician, but a great storyteller as well. Sid knows his history; he knows his music and can tell a great story. From his Cactus Critter Bash to his newest book, Emus and Owlhoots, Sid is doing what we all should be doing — passing our native history and culture on to our children." – Don Edwards, songwriter and singer

CD included – 6 songs sung by Sid and Washtub Jerry and a few other friends

ISBN 978-1-929115-20-4

Hardcover · 32 pages · 11 x 8.5
For children of all ages

Published in 2011


Emus and Owlhoots
Written and illustrated by Sid Hausman

2011 Bronze Winner of the Moonbeam Award
In the category of Book with Music/Theatrical


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Words by Jaenet Guggenheim
Pictures by Suana Verelst

When exactly IS next week?

This picture book for young children is brilliantly illustrated by the young Canadian artist, Suana Verelst. It is a glimpse into the mind of a child for whom time holds only the promise of a wonderful day. Soon - by next week - she will be big enough to do everything she thinks is important, such as sorting the M&Ms.

A book to read with a smile.

"Next Week When I'm Big details a 4-year-old's fantastical future and is intended to be read aloud. Jaenet Guggenheim has captured that imagination." - Jane E Swofford, BOOKS PLUS

ISBN 1-929115-13-X · Hardcover
32 pages · 10 x 10 · $19.95
Ages 2 to 5

Published in 2005

"...unique and whimsical tale." - Midwest Book Review

Written and illustrated by Terry Avery

Meet Duke, a large dog who drools a little and growls a lot. He lives across the street from Joey and Katie and two kittens, two puppies, and two squirrels who play together. One of their games is to toss Mr Squeaky, a stuffed bear that used to have a squeaker, about and try to catch him.
Duke is annoyed that they seem to be having so much fun when he so obviously is not! Duke decides to steal Mr Squeaky. Which he does.
The children and puppies and kittens and squirrels must rescue Mr Squeaky! Off they race

across the grass
between the trees
around the gate
over the road
where they stand eye to eye with Duke who drools a little and growls a lot! Ooops.
Who does save Mr Squeaky? The answer will make you smile a little or perhaps a lot.

Who Widukell Save Mr. Squeaky? is a picture book about sharing. Duke learns how to share from playmates Joey, Katie, the squirrels, kittens, and puppies.

The illustrations are pure Santa Fe, from the Pueblo-style adobe house to the packed dirt yard.

This is Terry Avery's second children's book; her first book, MOON RABBIT BUILDS A FINE HOUSE, is one of our favorites.

ISBN 1-929115-11-3
32 pp · Hardcover · 8 x 10 · $19.95
Ages 3 to 6
Published in 2004

Written and illustrated by the second grade integrated class of the New Mexico School for the Deaf

An imaginative adventure.

What happens when a Deaf father wakes up with two extra arms? Is it two too many? Or just enough? In the Deaf world, is it possible to hug tightly and sign at the same time?

The deaf parents in the story communicate and relate with their hearing children in the same ways that students, both hearing and deaf, in this school communicate and relate to each other. The illustrations were designed and painted by the students in a team effort. Some students drew characters while others painted backgrounds or clothes. It is filled with vividly colored pictures of the family. Well-known deaf artist Chuck Baird helped the children prepare the illustrations.

This is the third book published by GREEN KNEES · Books BY Children

ISBN 1-929115-10-5
32 pp · 10x8 · Hardcover · $16.95
Ages 4 to 8
Published in 2003

Poem by Barbara Riley
Pictures by Jaenet Guggenheim

Grow Grow Grow is a picture book for young children brilliantly illustrated by Jaenet Guggenheim. She has illuminated the text with paper-collage images from her collection of art papers from all over the world.

Through the seasons of a single year, the lovely story-poem by Barbara Riley follows a growing sunflower seed as it meets the world of caterpillars, dogs, and weather with the determination to grow.

ISBN 1-929115-08-3
40 pp · 7x10 · Hardcover · $19.95
From young children to adults
Published in 2002

Part of the royalties will be donated to UNICEF.

Art Papers Used In Grow Grow Grow


By Charlotte Piepmeier
Illustrated by Sally Blakemore

Lucy, a chocolate Lab, moves (MOVES!!!) with her family from the coast of North Carolina to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Along the way, she visits several interesting places, including Graceland. When she arrives in Santa Fe, Lucy learns lessons about how to live on a high mountain plateau on the edge of the southwest a desert in the southwest.

This book touches on the distress children feel about moving; the geography and history of the states through which they travel; and the difficulties and rewards of settling into a new place.

It includes a bischochito recipe, thanks to the Santa Fe School of Cooking cookbook by Susan Curtis, published by Gibbs Smith Publisher.

Sally Blakemore's watercolor drawings of Lucy are priceless! Anyone with a dog will recognize Lucy's attitudes and what they mean. The landscapes are true to life from the Luray Caverns, the Natural Bridge, and the Peabody of Memphis to the Great Plains and finally New Mexico.

Maps by Marcy Heller.

ISBN 1-929115-07-5
34 pp · 8x10 · Hardcover · $19.95
Ages 5 to 12 · Grades K - 6
Published in 2002

By Agatha Featherstone
Illustrated by Nicole Blau

ISBN 1-292115-04-0
32 pp · 8x8 · Hardcover · $17.95
Ages 2 to 5
Published in 2003

Written & illustrated by the children of The Oz School

This is the second book published by GREEN KNEES · Books BY Children

ISBN 1-929115-06-7
24 pp · 9x6 · Hardcover

Ages 3 to 10


Written and illustrated by Terry Avery

Author and illustrator Terry Avery lived in the Rocky Mountain southwest for 44 years. Once, not so long ago, she looked at the full moon above Chaco Canyon and was amazed to see not The Man in the Moon but a Rabbit in the Moon... and not just a cute little bunny rabbit but a lanky jackrabbit with long, wind-swept ears.

Review just recently rediscovered: Beautifully written and illustrated by Terry Avery,Moon Rabbit Builds A Fine House is the story of the "Rabbit from the Moon" who comes down to earth to live in an old stone dwelling (inspired by Cahco Canyon) where he discovers the warmth of the ancient Pueblo dwellers who shared their stories with him. A truly superb storybook for children preschool through 4th grade. This book is ideal for parental bedtime bonding with children as well as an attractive, entertaining addition to school and community libraries. - The Midwest Book Review 2001

"Moon Rabbit Builds A Fine House is a tale of gentle magic, told with singing words and the comforting colors of earth and sky. It's the perfect story to start a child dreaming even before they fall asleep."
- Joe Hayes, Storyteller

"Moon Rabbit illustrates the beaurty and precision of Old Pueblo Builders, incorporating their memory in the stones and connection to the sky."
- Bill Neuwirth, Teacher and Guide

"A cozy dreamlike bedtime tale, with imaginative, evocative paintings by the author. Sure to enchant even the youngest audience."
- Ginny Boylls, Children's Librarian, San Diego, California, Public Library

ISBN 1-929115-00-8
32 pp · Hardcover · $17.95
Ages 2 to 6
Published in 1999

Written and illustrated by Barbara Mayfield

This book has been transferred to its author, Barbara Mayfield.
You can now order it directly from Etsy and see more of Barbara's work at

Prudence Fish Hornby is nine and a half and her big heart is broken. All of life looks dull and sad and hopeless. Plus she has this terrible name that does not reflect her true adventurous self, not even a bit, but who cares, why bother, there's nothing to be done about anything. Until that windy day in March when a certain Mrs. Iptweet moves into the empty house at #406 on boring old Durham Street where nothing ever happens...

Prudence Fish Hornby, nine-and-a-half-year-old Budding Cartographer;
Gran Modesta, avid reader and lavender-lover, who has gone to her Reward;
Prudy's Dad, a motorcycle-riding, banjo-playing bear of a man;
Prudy's Aunt Belle, a Professional Recycling Cowgirl Artist;
Prudy's Mom, the Rock of the Family;
and Mrs. Iptweet, artist, gardener and Parade Specialist.

Author: Barbara Mayfield was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, and lives in Santa Fe, NM. She is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. She works as a writer, a SAG actress, a comedienne and as a puppeteer for Teatro Duende at the New Mexico Museum of Art. Miss Mayfield loves to dance the two-step, waltz, and polka, and is taking ukulele lessons. The Magical Mrs. Iptweet and Me is her first novel.

ISBN 978-1-929115-18-1
182 pp · 71 black and white illustrations · 7x9 · Softcover

Read-to ages 6 and 7 · Read-alone ages 8 to 12
Published in 2009

Winner of the 2008 GOLD AWARD

Category: Multicultural - Picture book

The Moonbeam Children's Book Awards are designed to honor the year's best children's books, authors and illustrators, and to support childhood literacy and life-long reading.

Written by Karen Cogan
Illustrated by Blanche Davidson

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Pancho was a little brown dog who did not have a home. One day he arrived in a small village where everyone was preparing for St Anthony's feast day, especially the animals who worked very hard. The burro had helped plow the field where the corn was grown; the hen who laid the eggs used to make the bread; and the goat who gave the milk from which the cheese for the feast was made.
Pancho set about making a feast for the animals. At the end of the day, when everyone was gathered for the Blessing of the Animals, a little girl and her family found Pancho sitting alone and adopted him.

ISBN 978-1-929115-16-7
32 pp · 7x9 · Hardcover · $19.95
For young children
Published in 2007

Story by Jeff della Penna
Pictures by Nicole Blau

After being pinched on the cheek by way too many relatives, an Alice-in-Wonderland moment occurs to Little Marcello. He grows to a giant-sized child, and now it is his turn to look down on all his tiny relatives, way down there, who look... well, just sooo cute! Set in a charming Italian town where pinching is clearly the number one way to greet your family.

"Santa Fe author Jeff della Penna might know the Italian phrase for Cute As A Button, but he did not include it in this amusing book for growing youngsters who, like the Italian hero in the story, do not like to get their cheeks pinched...
"With engaging watercolors by Nicole Blau, the story features Marcello, who lives in Florence. Aided by a touch of magic, Marcello manages to stop all the cheek-pinching and get his relatives to appreciate that he is growing up - in a neat trick that pre-schoolers will enjoy." - Barbara Harrelson, Sunday, The New Mexican magazine, November 12-18, 2006

ISBN 1-929115-09-1
32 pp · Hardcover · $19.95
Ages 4 to 8
Published in 2006

T is for TORTILLA: A Southwestern Alphabet Book
Winner of the 2007 BRONZE AWARD

The Moonbeam Children's Book Awards are designed
to honor the year's best children's books, authors and
illustrators, and to support childhood literacy
and life-long reading.

Written by Jody Alpers & illustrated by Celeste Johnson

T is for Tortilla welcomes the reader to the Southwest. It is an authentic no-imitations-here, regional alphabet book. From A is for adobe to Z is for Zozobra, each letter introduces the reader to a new aspect of the many rich cultures in New Mexico. Native American, Cowboy, and Spanish-American artifacts fill the pages. Detailed descriptions and illustrations show the reader a few facets of life in the Southwest. Pronunciation guide included. Would you like to read this book?

"In T is for Tortilla, Jody Alpers helps kids learn the Alphabet - and lots of other cool stuff. I like this alphabet book because it teaches me about different things in New Mexico. I learned that there is a house made of mud called adobe, and I learned that a mother sheep is called a ewe. In New Mexico a party is called a fiesta. Isn't that cool?
"This book teaches important stuff about New Mexico, and here is more stuff that I learned:

  • A jackrabbit's ears are 6 or 7 inches long!
  • Uno in Spanish means one.
  • The Southwest is known for its beautiful sunsets.
  • Luminarias are Christmas decorations of rows of brown paper sacks filled with sand and a lit candle. In the northern part of the state, they are called farolitos.
  • A mesa is amountain with a flat top and steep sides.

"Those are the reasons I love this book so much. - Brianne Barker just completed the second grade. ABQ Sunday Journal, May 27, 2007.

"Alphabet books are valuable learning tools for beginning readers, and T is for Tortilla adds to a youngster's knowledge of the Southwest also. For example, this book explains how adobe bricks are made, what defines a desert or a windmill, and who Zozobra is and why he's important in Santa Fe." - Barbara Harrelson, Sunday, The New Mexican magazine, November 12-18, 2006

"Here is a wonderful children's alphabet book that effectively uses Spanish words for some letters....for preschool to adult. Illustrations by Celeste Johnson offer delightful pictures to represent each word. In addition, the illustrations help the learner to visualize part of the Spanish culture." - Michelle P Dilworth, BOOKS PLUS

"Mothers, fathers, and guardians will probably read this book aloud many times before the proud moment when toddlers begin to chime in. In this regionally based alphabet book, every letter introduces an aspect of Southwestern culture. There's also a pronunciation guide and charming illustrations." - Soledad Santiago, Pasatiempo, Santa Fe New Mexican, November 17, 2006

ISBN 978-1-929115-14-3 · Hardcover · 32 pp · $15.95
Ages preschool to adult
Published in 2006

COSMO: A Cautionary Tale OUT OF PRINT
Written by Alan Arkin
Illustrated by Jon Richards

Cosmo has lived on the island of Sonamba all of his life. As its self-appointed guardian, each day he patches the wall that keeps the sea out.

He does this while reciting the following instructions:
Hammer in a stick from the billabom bush,
Then smear it with the tar from the ticamo tree.

This works until the day the townspeople decide to honor him for his dedication.

"Out of the mouths of children's stories' authors often come memorable lines, but rarely do these lines appear to have been ripped from the... headlines. 'Let's save the blaming for afterwards, why don't we? We have a serious problem on our hands.' This quote from Cosmo: A Cautionary Tale is the response of a governing official when his small island is being flooded because someone did not do his job of keeping the sea wall from leaking. Sound familiar?
"In an uncannily prescient fable, author Alan Arkin tells a very funny story of a very old man named Cosmo whose life was devoted to keeping everyone safe and sound. Cosmo walks around the island looking for holes in the sea wall... His daily ritual concludes with hammering sticks into any holes he finds and smearing tree tar in top to secure the wall.
"Cosmo is quite content with his life, full of purpose in his chosen occupation. It is only when the politicians and the local genius decide that 'this wise and wondrous man' must be celebrated that trouble begins.
"Arkin, an actor and author, resides in Santa Fe, as does the illustrator of this book, Jon Richards. Richards is a movie critic, novelist, and editorial cartoonist. His zany illustrations of Cosmo and the cast of characters in this high-spirited tale strike just the right note. Adult readers will appreciate the irony and pointed humor in this life-imitates-art story, especially the hilarious ending." - Barbara Harrelson, Sunday, The New Mexica magazine, October 9, 2005

"Alan Arkin's COSMO is a fanciful fable of the wise wallkeeper who knew that small leaks could become big breaches in the security of the Island of Sonamba! Cosmo's cosmic vision was in knowing how to do only one (Very Important) thing.
"Insights for all ages fly from this charming story about purpose, priorities, and ounces of sticks-and-tar prevention. But this book has merit beyond its Morals -- in its sly, humorous dialogue, and Jon Richard's delightful, antic illustrations that animate each scene. Finally it's a small boy who, as if seeing a naked emperor, sees the truth and has the last word.
"This enchanting tale is almost too much fun to be a caution, and not to be missed!"

- Anna Jane Hays, a former editorial director and child development specialist for The Children's Television Network

"Alan Arkin the actor is an author too. Latest in his ventures is Cosmo, A Cautionary Tale with a subtle message well-hidden among the 40 pages. A CD includes a reading by Arkin. - Jane E Swofford, BOOKS PLUS

ISBN 1-929115-12-1
40 pp · Hardcover · $19.95
All ages, from 7 to 107
CD included of the author reading the book
Published in 2005


Written & illustrated by Madeline E Johnston
ISBN 1-929115-03-2
24 pp · soft cover, saddle stitched · 3 to 8

This was the first book published by GREEN KNEES · Books BY Children


Written by Marie McLaughlin
Illustrated by Roni Rohr
ISBN 1-929115-01-6
32 pp · Hardcover · $15.95
Ages 2 to 5
Published in 2000


Written & illustrated by Jaenet Guggenheim

ISBN 0-9660239-1-9
32pp · Hardcover · 2 to 7



Written & illustrated by Galla Eisenhardt-Purwin

Ten-page small coloring book suitable for taking to horse shows. Stapled.


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